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180°FIT Personal Training


Personal Training

180°FIT trainers are true fitness professionals. Our trainers all hold nationally accredited certifications and are constantly involved in continuing education. They motivate, educate, and inspire clients to achieve some quite incredible results. Whether your goal is to look and feel great, or improve movement impairment and quality of life, our staff is excited to help!



We offer 1-on-1 services for general fitness, corrective exercise, and performance enhancement. After assessing prospective clients we can determine if the additional attention offered by 1-on-1 service is necessary. For many members, this is a fantastic foundation and they eventually move to semi-private training.



Welcome to the home of the fitness evolution. 180°FIT sets and raises the bar in terms of professional semi-private training programs in all of Pinal County. Our semi-private training follows a systematic approach to give all members a challenging yet rewarding training experience. In as little as 3 weeks members are inspired by the new foundation they have forged through precise movements and exercises that enhance both stability and muscular endurance. And that is only the beginning phase of 180°FIT! Challenge your comfort zone and experience the 180°FIT way. This is personal training done correctly, effectively, and affordably. Schedule your first assessment today!

They attend the same weight training class