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Lorenzo Barron

Lorenzo has been a member at the club since 2014 and says is experience has been positive at all times. “The trainers truly care about you. It seems like a family. The classes are top notch…I’ve been to them all. The gym (staff) takes the time to sit down and help you plan your goals.”

Lorenzo told us that some of his most exciting accomplishments include “Dropping 150lbs, being able to keep up in the classes, going from a 5XL shirt and 48 pant size to a 2XL shirt and 36 pant size, being able to earn my Spartan Trifecta, and having friends ask me for fitness or nutrition advice.”

In his fitness journey, Lorenzo also said “I started off knowing the basics of weight lifting from reading muscle magazine and watching YouTube videos. Now I’m able to perform exercise with better form and technique. I’m able to keep up in Spin, Cross Training, and METCON. When I started, I was embarrassed and out of breath. Now, I enjoy the challenge. My ultimate goal is to compete in a physique competition!”

Lorenzo told us in terms of motivation, he gets it from “The people. From Stephanie, Mariah and Chloe at the front desk greeting you with a smile and conversation, to having a quick laugh with Jeromy. Asking for advice from any trainer, Nichole shouting out encouragement in spin, to Joe showing me new exercises, or meal planning tips.”

“I joined (247 Fitness) in August of 2013,” Mary said, “The moment I walked in 2.5 years ago, the vibe has continuously been positive and welcoming. The staff has consistently been knowledgeable, supportive, and non-judgemental.”

Mary has gone from not being able to jump off of the ground a few year ago, to completing the Phoenix 10K, the Dirty Girl Obstacle Course and Mud Run, and her next goal is to do the Bisbee 1,000 stair climb in October! She attributes the endurance she’s gained to spin instructor, Nichole Tressel, and yoga instructor, Ravynn Rohner. She said that “I can’t” is no longer a part of her vocabulary, and her ultimate goal is to run a half marathon and complete a Spartan race!

Here are some photos of Mary on her fitness journey, along with one of her and her I RUN 4 Buddy, Summer, who suffers from a form of Dwarfism making mobility a challenge. Mary says that Summer is a huge motivator for her and has been since they were matched up on Halloween of 2013!

“I personally find motivation from whomever, and wherever I can. It could be a fellow member noticing you can do one more rep than before. Just find it. It will help push you to do more.”


Mary Burns



Leslie Fontanez

Leslie has been a member for 2 years now, and says that “During this time I have had so many positive experiences. The staff and trainers have been encouraging, supportive, and never made me feel as if I couldn’t do something. I’ve never felt judged.”

Leslie told us that in her time here she has had “A major boost in my self-esteem, confidence in my self and what I am capable of, and my overall happiness. I have a positive outlook on life and of course, weight loss.”

“When I started my fitness journey,” said Leslie, “I had not been out of the house much. I walked in shame and embarrassment most of the time. My attitude reflected my sad appearance. I wasn’t living, merely existing. I lost myself somewhere along the way and was having difficulties finding my way back. I finally made a decision. I crawled out of my toxic comfort zone and made a choice to become fit.

Today I walk with my head up. I talk to people. I look forward to talking to people. I feel amazing. I smile all the time. I am so incredibly grateful. It hasn’t been easy, none of it. But, this has changed me and made me better in so many ways. I work hard. I am persistent. I refuse to accept failure as an option. Fitness, in many ways, saved my life.”

Leslie says her biggest source of motivation is her husband. “He sees me even when I can’t see myself. He has been my #1 fan even in my darkest hour. I am blessed.”

Leslie also stated “To maintain this positive energy, I surround myself with positive people. I am positive. I look for encouragement in conversation and literature. I am constantly learning, seeking out new and better ways to incorporate this new journey into my lifestyle. It is a big part of who I am.”

Garrison has been a member since October of 2014 and says “In my experience at 247 Fitness I’ve noticed that this is a gym that takes an interest in its members. By far my favorite thing about 247 is the training atmosphere, it is incredible! Not only the employees, but even the members help to create this environment that you can’t experience at a commercial gym.”

From being hardly 130lbs. and 6′ 1″ at the age of 14 in his freshman year to being the strongest junior in the school at 195lbs. Garrison has earned every achievement in his fitness journey. Since age 18 he has, and still does, compete in various Lifting Meets in Arizona and has set state records for his Deadlift, Bench Press, and Strict Curl!

His best lifts to date are:
375 Paused Bench Press
480 Below Parallel Squat
176 Strict Curl
660 Deadlift

His current goal is to increase the weight on those lifts and to compete at the end of this year.

Garrison says his motivation “isn’t to break records or even to just be the strongest I can be. At this point I just want to help and motivate others to work hard and achieve their goals. No matter how impossible a 700lb Deadlift may seem to a 130lb. freshman, I wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for Joe Mollica and a few other mentors and coaches that motivated me to push my limits.”



Garrison Cobb

stephanie cross

stephanie cross 3

Stephanie Cross

Stephanie has been a member since late 2015, and said that “I have had such a wonderful experience at 24/7! The staff and trainers are always positive and supportive of me, and the other members are some of the nicest people you will meet! The gym has such a vitalizing atmosphere that I am always excited to get in there and work!”

“After retiring from my 20-year gymnastic career last summer, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself now that my competition days were over. But then I found 24/7 and became even more passionate about health and fitness! Since starting my journey, I have gain more muscle than I have ever had in all my years as a gymnast, and I am excited to continue making progress! While I have been making gradual progress towards my goals of building more muscle mass and becoming more lean, the biggest and most important accomplishment that I have made is improving my own self-image. I have never been completely confident about my body or comfortable in my own skin, but throughout my fitness journey, and with the support of friends inside and outside of the gym, I have become a healthier person, both mentally and physically.”

Stephanie also told us that “I choose to surround myself with motivated and passionate individuals who are committed to health and fitness, and who will tell me to get off my butt and work when I’m feeling lazy!

It also helps that 24/7 is full of members and trainers who are always there to encourage me every step of the way.

I also find motivation to stay active and fit from the kiddos that I coach gymnastics to at Hot Spot Gymnastics. With them being at the beginning of their gymnastics journey, I aspire to continue being a role model and a source of inspiration to them by being physically able to demonstrate the skills and by showing them passion and determination.”

Cierra has been a member since November of 2013, and says “My experience has been awesome! I am way more toned, less scrawny.”

Some of her most exciting accomplishments include;
“Being able to crank out pull-ups! Being able to do hanging leg-raises without swinging! And being known for my buff arms at work.”

Cierra says in terms of her fitness journey she “started out of the womb…” She also said that she has a picture of herself planking when she was only about 6 months! “I’ve always been athletic, so this kind of work is just what I’m used to,” she said “I am currently pretty buff, I just want a phat a$$ and a 6 pack!”

Her biggest motivation is herself, she told us. “Working out just puts me in a better mood. It’s for my mental health just as much as it is my physical.”


Cierra Shultz


Jessica Saldana

Jessica has been a member since September of 2014! She said that in that time her strength has increased a lot. She has achieved an Arizona state record for deadlift powerlifting now.

Jessica told us she started out always being active and working out twice a week. Now she is fully committed to the lifestyle and motivates others and “helps others jump on this journey.” Her future goals are to “keep bettering myself mentally and physically, and to involve others.”

Her motivation, she said is “the result of the last month will be worth it to keep pushing to be a motivator to others using the knowledge you learn about yourself on the tough days.”

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